Cobalt Studios

I studied at Cobalt Studios in White Lake, NY. I participated in the 2 year scenic art program and achieved a certificate in the program. Below are my class projects and backdrops I painted during that time.

4'x 4', reproduction of a De La Tour painted on black velour. All of the color was painted first with Ben Moore Acrylic White paint, then Rosco Scenic Paints were laid on top of the white acrylic.

Same painting, this picture is showing what the painting was before pigment was applied.

4'x 4', the sphinx was painted on warm light gray velour.

This is a bistre project, based off of a Michaelangelo piece. One of the exercises of the project was to first paint the shadows, using warm and cool shade and shadow colors, then lay colors down on top. I used animal glue and dry pigments as materials.

Here it is finished. The piece is 4'x5'.

Glass Vase 7 1/2' x 9' on muslin.

Handkerchief 6' x 9'

4'x 6', the zebra was sprayed with a HVLP sprayer.

The baby was sprayed with a 20 oz. HVLP and a bottom fed touch up gun, the piece is 4'x 7'.

Advanced light and shadow project, 7'x 9' painted on muslin.

Top section detail of the same light and shadow piece.

Detail of fountain with cast shadows.

This is a translucency that is painted both from and back. Right now the piece is lit from the front, in the next frame it is back lit. The purpose is to see the colors deepen, and patterns enhanced.

And here it is! The letting is painted with Tough Prime black paint.

Working shot of me painting the front of the piece.

6'x 6', The stained glass ogre was painted on a textured shower curtain. To get the paint to stick I used a combination of Crystal Gel and Plastic Varnish. I also used Dharma Dye and Rosco Off Broadway Paints.

This was a relief done in white bead foam, 2'x 4'

9'x13' photo-realistic clouds painted on muslin.

I have been trained in letter construction and layout. Although most of the time I have a projector at my disposal, this exercise has helped me to correct inconsistencies in a lettering piece.

Lettering seminar piece done on luan, 4'x8'.

Detail of lettering piece. The letters were projected, and then hand painted. The aging was painted with a piece of wood block dipped in paint and then dragged across the piece.

Stone project, 4'x9'.

1st year pneumatic spray seminar project, 4'x4'.

This is a sculpture project that started with building a decorative structure.

Once the sculpture is gooped and painted, it is lit. Then once lit I took the pounce drawing and painted a 2 dimensional painting of the 3D sculpture.

Once finished, the painting was hung next to the original sculpture.

Stylized painting of clouds.

Lettering and brick example.