Cobalt Theatrical Productions

These are backdrops/art pieces done for Cobalt Studios Inc. during my time at the school.

This piece was a piece created to replace a damaged Olio backdrop painted in the early 1900's. My contribution was the drapery that frames the center composition.

Close up on the shadow of the tassel, and the treatment on the balls of the drapery.

Before the starting the drop, I did a work up of the drapery in value as well as color.

Harvard's Hasty Pudding Advertising drop, I was the happy one to get the new ad this year!

This is one section of town drop for Hasty Pudding; I was in charge of the Parthenon inspired building.

Another Hasty Pudding backdrop. I had a heavy hand in the architecture texturing, the Unicorn Shields and drapes, as well as the windows and banners.

I hand painted all the unicorns on the shields, and I also painted the drapes behind the shields.

On this backdrop I painted most of the roof texturing and definition, also the stamp making for the circles in the gingerbread house windows.

Close up on the roof detail.