HorseMania 2010: Mechanical Horse

This horse was painted for the city of Lexington, Kentucky by my business partner Jerome Wills, and I. We had to put in a design bid for the horse, and out of 450 designs 82 were chosen to be designed by artists around the city. It was around a month’s worth of work, the final gloss sealing is an automotive sealant that we had a company do for us to make sure the horse is weather durable.

  • For LexArts

The city of Lexington commissioned Jerome Wills and I to design a horse in honor of the World Equestrian Games. Shown here is me, in the horse's final spot in a nearby park. The horse was clear coated with automotive resin to help it withstand the weather and foot traffic.

This is the beginning of the drawing phase for the horse. Lexington Children's Theatre was kind enough to let us use their space for the month we had to paint it. The horse came primed and everything was hand drawn before we began painting.

Much of our concept stemmed from the Steampunk movement. Lots of attention was paid to detail, and craftsmanship. Though most of the horse is painted, we made sure all the 'inner workings' of the horse did make sense. We knew the installation would be seen up close and scrutinized, so we paid close attention to whether things made sense or not.

I am using Prismacolor gray makers to add in some simple cast shadows to expedite the process as opposed to hand painting.

My business partner, Jerome Wills, starting to add in the clockwork detail.

More of our horse in process. The idea was to get the big blocks of color in, paying attention to the fact the underside of the horse needed to be painted.

More in process painting.

Close up of the clockwork and gauge details.

Finished head and neck detail.

Final leg detail. The cylinder on the outside of the leg was added to enhance the 3D quality.

Final picture before being sent off to the Autobody Lab!