Ice Cave Mural

This is an ongoing project for a Madison, WI software company. The mural consists of 25+ different walls, over 400 linear feet, I am one of five painters on the team. These photos are some of the highlights I specifically worked on. Many of the images were Photoshop designs, by Cristal Martinez and Theresa Andrews. The building is a very large auditorium space, meant to seat 11,500 people. What would normally be a backstage area has now turned into a training space with up to 6 individual rooms on the ice cave side.

6 of the 'rooms' are used as training facilities, much of the treatment was done in one step to avoid going back and doing multiple passes because of time and the amount of square footage we had to cover.

One of my main paint projects, special care was brought to the fur's directionality and realism.

Photoshop rendering of the saber tooth tiger bay. Designs by Cristal Martinez and Theresa Andrews.

Farther back view of the last third of the space. LOTS of room, each 'bay' section can be divided off into individual rooms.

This is a reflected ice section, mostly painted over the drinking fountain, bathroom, and utility room areas.

Our challenge here is the center 'portal' area. We are in the process of making this hole in the center look like it is going back into a cave.

Photoshop rendering of bathroom and drinking fountain walls. We also accomplished the look of the reflected ice flowing through the piece.

Example of icicles and ice column flows.

Another example of a double training room, with the glowing yellow walls and the snow cauliflower.

Detail of snow cauliflower.

One of the first walls I completed.